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Foil Board Wing Foiling Leash

FBC Wing Leash - Long Length

Rear mesh storage compartment ideal
forneoprene boots, gloves and hats.
Alternatively stash your changing towel in
there whilst you are on the water!A large
pocket that serves a multitude of tasks.


Simply clip the supplied shoulder straps
onto the webbing eyes and you can
easily transport the bag on your back,
just like a rucksack!


Large velcro foil opening on the underside.
Allows you to use the bag whilst the foil is
on the board. The velcro opening means no
nasty zips to scratch your beloved mast!


Our exclusive ‘Hex-Tech’ bag material.
It is light but super tough, and being
water resistant it means that if caught
in the rain it doesn’t act like a sponge,
a sponge that then leaks in the back of
the van!


Carry handles on the nose AND tail of the bag.
This means that you can hang the board up,
in the bag, for easy storage. ALSO, when you
are out foiling you can double the bag up
joining the nose and tail handles with an
additional velcro strap. This means anything in
the rear storage mesh compartment stays
dry in rain showers.


Carry handle on the rail AND
in the middle of the bag. This
makes it a lot easier to carry
and move around. A simple
feature but a total game changer.


On the underside of the bag
there is a breathable vent which
allows for any moisture to evaporate.
This not only means your board
is dry but it helps prevent osmosis
on the board! It works particularly
well if the board is hung nose down
using the rear handle.

Introducing the FBC Wing Foiling Leash & Karabina, designed to elevate your wing foiling experience. What sets our leash apart is our revolutionary ‘Dynaema Defender’ technology, an in-house treatment that prevents the leash from adhering to Velcro surfaces. This treatment not only enhances Dynaema’s durability but also increases its resistance to water. The ‘Dynaema Defender’ technology is exclusively offered by FBC, and we carry out the treatment in our purpose-built facility, making our Dynaema leash truly one-of-a-kind.

You can choose from two lengths, catering to your preferences and wing size: the standard 140cm and the longer 170cm. Our leash design, combining Dynaema line and bungee, ensures optimal usability and performance with its renowned ‘anti-snatch technology.’

Our meticulous approach to construction and length selection allows you to navigate your wing effectively. Riders with larger wings (above 6m) typically prefer the 170cm length for enhanced water maneuverability, while smaller wings pair perfectly with the standard 140cm length.

Enhance your wing foiling setup by pairing this product with our FBC Wing Waist Leash. Crafted by dedicated foiling enthusiasts, all FBC products reflect our unwavering commitment to the sport.

Foil Board Company Day Board Bag
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 Standard Size
 TechnologyDynaema Defender
MaterialAnti-Snatch Dynaema 
Double Safety LoopFVC double loop tech
Leash Length140cm stretched 


Two sizes available. S/M = 22″ – 36″ Waist, L/XL = 34″ – 44″ Waist.


FBC Board Waist Leash

4mm neoprene padded belt.

FBC Board Waist Leash


Dynaema buckle that is both robust and strong.

FBC Dynaema Buckle


Large velcro fastening system, huge size range and adjustment.


Large loop on end of belt fastener allowing for easy doing/undoing of the belt. Also prevents the belt from becoming undone completely.


Secondary dynaema buckle for smaller riders OR a wing leash attachment point.


Twin swivel 7mm thick, 8 foot long, coiled leash. Super tough and durable