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Wing Wrist Leash


Featuring a unique Anti Shock dynaema chord the FBC wing leash is one of the very best available. We worked really hard to make a leash chord that was strong but light. It was also important that the chord did not snatch when loaded up.

The leash connection offers a unique combination of performance and design that works unlike any other wing wrist leash. Made from 4mm premium neoprene and HD webbing this is both comfortable and robust. Attention to detail is what this leash is all about.


The FBC Wing Foiling Wrist leash is a feature packed wing foil wrist leash that will out last and out perform any other leash on the market. It has been designed top to bottom to be the absolute best it can be. It is strong and comfortable, robust and light. Designed by wing foilers all the FBC products are tested in some of the most extreme environments with performance and longevity a priority.

Why can we be so confident that it is so good? Well firstly we have used it, a lot! We can vouch for its strength and performance as it has been tested in some fairly serious conditions.

There are many features that make this leash so good. One is the secondary velcro lock over the wrist leash, this prevents unintended releases. It also features a large release loop that makes the leash easy to undo, and also prevents it from slipping through the Dynaema Buckle.

We opted for a premium 4mm neoprene to allow for additional comfort and durability. This coupled with a deluxe webbing strap makes the wrist strap premium inside and out.

The ‘leash’ itself we are particularly proud of. It features a world first double attachment system (for added security) which you can see in the video below. As well as this we opted for a shock absorbing internal elastic. The elastic is tied and stitched at both ends of the dynaema leash to prevent chafing.

The FBC Wind Wrist Leash is a product that you can depend upon, one that you can ride with confidence with. Checkout our youtube page here to see more about the leash.

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2 reviews for Wing Wrist Leash

  1. Paul Irish SUP (store manager)

    I purchased both the wing wrist leash and the wing waist leash from FBC.
    Both products are extremely well made.
    The wrist leash is easy to put on and take off. The dynema cord very durable but remains light. Really like the safety Velcro tab to make sure it stays closed.
    The waist leash is comfortable and allows the leash to slide over a wide range along your back. The carabina clip is well made and easy to use. This is the only way to go when paddling out through shore break.
    Highly recommend both products.

  2. Chris Tovey (store manager)

    I bought a wing leash with a wrist attachment and a second Velcro lock strap. It works beautifully and greatly eases the constant worry of the Velcro failing and the wing flying off

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