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Wing Waist Leash


The FBC Wing Waist Leash is a fantastically versatile and high performing product. Built to offer the rider a multiple of options this wing leash really is a great accessory. It comes with a swivel karabeena which can be connected to either one of the side loops or the rear waist line (as shown in the picture). Available in two sizes: S/M 24″-36″, L/XL 36″-44″


The FBC Wing Foiling Waist Leash is a real Swiss army pen knife. The rider can set it up in a multitude of ways depending on their style. Like all the FBC Leashes it is over engineered, making it more then up to whatever you can trow at it.

Featuring a premium 4mm neoprene for comfort and protection. The neoprene wraps around a 40mm nylon webbing, which is buckled together using an HD buckle.  There are two loops on each side of the waist belt. The rider can attach the leash on either the left or right side. Around the back of the leash is a rear leash loop, on here you can attach either your leash OR your board leash.

The wing waist leash offers a lot of options, one of the main benefits is that it allows you to swim with your wing. Having the wing foil leash attached to your waist frees up the arms. This allows the rider to easily swim through surf lines etc. Sometimes it is the simple ideas that make all the difference.

Attached to the waist belt is the FBC wing leash. The FBC leash comprises of a hollow core dynaema, with a custom made elastic core. This dynaema is both very strong and great at absorbing shock loads (thanks to the elastic core), The ends are tied and stitched to ensure its performance and eliminate chafing.

As well as the leash offering exceptional performance it also comes setup with the FBC double safety as standard. With the leash  attached to the wing at two points it means if one fails then the other one will hold fast. See more on our youtube channel here.

Available in two sizes: S/M 24″-36″, L/XL 36″-44″


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2 reviews for Wing Waist Leash

  1. Hamish Watson (store manager)

    I was really pleased with the quality of the leash. The belt is chinky enough to give you confidence, but not so big that it feels ‘big’. The leash is superb, solid and light. I really like the double connection, it gives me confidence that if I take a big one the wing isn’t going to end up on the beach.

  2. Paul Irish SUP (store manager)

    I purchased both the wing wrist leash and the wing waist leash from FBC.
    Both products are extremely well made.
    The wrist leash is easy to put on and take off. The dynema cord very durable but remains light. Really like the safety Velcro tab to make sure it stays closed.
    The waist leash is comfortable and allows the leash to slide over a wide range along your back. The carabina clip is well made and easy to use. This is the only way to go when paddling out through shore break.
    Highly recommend both products.

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