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RAD Wing Wrist Leash


Our FBC Rad Wing Wrist Leash is the same as our Original Series FBC Wrist leash but with some serious amp! When designing the leash we thought about making it fun, thought about it being vibrant, lively and alive. We teamed up with our FBC team rider Balz Müller and designed something unlike anything else on the market. We are so pleased and proud to bring the RAD series to your foiling world! This RBC RAD wing leash includes the following epic features:

  • Premium 4mm neoprene for extra comfort
  • Strong and robust denaema buckle
  • Large tighten/release loop that does not come un-looped when you open it out.
  • Strap lock system to prevent unwanted undoings
  • Hollow core dynaema leash with high density stranded elastic core. FBC’s Anti-Snatch technology.
  • Twin safety feature. Loop around the leash lashing point and leading edge handle! Check out the video!
  • Leash/strap package that works in harmony!

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Our all new super bright, super fun, FBC RAD Wing Wrist Leash in the new FBC RAD Series! When you’re on the water you are having fun, so why not have fun with your gear as well. This is exactly where the FBC RAD series comes in! Whether it is your board bags or your leashes we are all about being bright and alive. Let’s get some serious stoke on the water and live the life we love!

FBC prides itself on making the worlds best foiling leashes. Check out our Foil Board Company YouTube page here or website here for more information on the range!

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