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RAD Wing Waist Leash


WOW! The epic FBC RAD Leash is now available! The same as our FBC Wing Waist Leash the RAD version boasts colour and style! We love the sport of foiling and we love to have fun with it, and that is why we teamed up with foiling legend Balz Müller to come up with the FBC RAD line up.

The RAD Wing Waist Leash is really the perfect wing leash for any riders style. It is light but incredibly strong, features a harness line style across the rear allowing you to attach either a board leash to or a wing leash. It also has two loops, one on each hip, which you can attach the wing to if you want it to be in a fixed position.

The RAD Wing Waist Leash comes with our super popular standard length wing leash and karabina.

Available in two sizes: S/M 24″-36″, L/XL 36″-44″


Our super popular wing waist leash is now available in our FBC RAD series! This waist leash is a real favourite amongst riders, it is light weight but super strong. a 40mm tough webbing strap is wrapped with a premium 4mm neoprene for comfort and support. We have then added a windsurf harness line style leash/board attachment point at the back as well as a port/starboard leash loop on the riders hips. The FBC RAD Wing Leash comes with a standard length wing leash and a snap lock swivel Karabina.

The FBC Wing Leash is like no other. It features out trade mark double wing attachment system attaching to both the leading edge and the handle. This means should your leading edge attachment point fail you have it backed up on the handle.

Available in two sizes: S/M 24″-36″, L/XL 36″-44″

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