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FBC Wing Leash & Karabina – Standard


The FBC Standard Length Wing Foiling Leash. Designed for riders using big wings or that prefer a long leash. comes supplied with a swivel karabina. Available in both the standard length 140cm and the long wing leash length 170cm.


Our FBC Wing Leash & Karabina ‘Standard Length’ features our unique anti-snatch dynaema technology that soaks up the pressure created when you release the wing. Couple our leash with the included swivel karabina and you have the ultimate wing foiling leash.

Our FBC leash is available in two lengths. This is standard length and long length. The standard length wing foil leash is 140cm, and the long wing leash is 170cm.

When we were designing our wing leash it was apparent how important it was to think about both the construction of the leash and the length of the leash. These two features of its design dictate its usability and performance. After a lot of testing we decided that the best construction of the leash was to use a dynaema line, and inside the dynaema line a specific grade of bungee, the two work in perfect harmony offering this ‘anti snatch technology’ that the FBC Leashes are renowned for.

The second design aspect of our Wing Leash is its length. We discovered that riders need two different lengths depending on both their preferences and wing size. Most, but not all, riders using wings bigger then 6m prefer the longer 170cm length. From testing we discovered this was largely due to the requirement for extra length when in the water manoeuvring the wing. With a smaller wing there is largely not the need for a longer leash length. The standard 140cm length is then preferred.

This product works perfectly with our FBC Wing Waist Leash. Order the waist leash and then simply add the wing leash for additional wings.

All of our FBC products have been designed by riders that live eat and breath foiling.

1 review for FBC Wing Leash & Karabina – Standard

  1. Lee ‘Pasty’ Harvey

    Best leash I’ve tried by far & the extra loop to go on the flag handle means I have no worries about losing my wing in big waves 😊

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