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Countersunk M6 Foil Bolts


Foil approved Counter Sunk M6 bolts. Available in a selection of sizes these bolts offer premium performance for all types of foilers.


Countersunk M6 Foil Bolts for use in either wing foiling foils or attaching foil masts to the boards. These are premium stainless steel bolts that have been tested and approved for wing/wind/kite foiling. On the head is a torx fitting (you can also use an allen key) ensuring you get the correct grip and traction.

Foil bots are such an important part to a foil setup. Without them the foil doesn’t work so it is important that when looking for bolts you get the correct ones. Our M6 Countersunk foil bolts have been tested by the best foilers in the world and have lived up to the test. Specifically designed to withstand the harsh loads exerted on them they are built to be strong and robust. They feature a unique anti snap technology which means they have an element of flex built into them, this is important as a snapped bolt is almost impossible to remove.

Top tip when using foil bolts. After a session make sure you take the tension off the bolts as this helps prevent galvanic corrosion. Also make sure you use a lubricant on the foil bolts, this will help prevent this locking corrosion from occurring.

Need track nuts? No problem, we have you covered. Please click here for our locking foil track nuts. Also check out our youtube channel here for more information on FBC products.

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M6 Countersunk

16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm


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