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Foil Board Waist Leash


The FBC Board Waist Leash is a product that we are very pleased with. It is comfortable to wear, durable, light weight and hard wearing. Features such as the dynaema buckle, 7mm thick coiled leash, 50mm wide velcro fixings and large release loop all combine to make a fantastic board leash. Designed specifically with wing foiling in mind we added a secondary dynaema buckle which can be used to either secure the wing leash to OR to be used with the waist belt to make it fit a massive size range!


The FBC Foil Board Waist Leash offers every wing foiler the ability to comfortably wear a board leash around their waist. Featuring a neoprene padded belt, the FBC board waist leash offers some real adaptability for the rider. Whilst riding you can choose to have it as a board waist leash but there is also the ability to attach the FBC wing leash (with the FBC swivel karabeena) to it as well.

What we really like about this board leash is how comfortable and easy it is to use. We implemented some small but very important design details which combine to make this leash great to use. This includes the large red release loop, which makes it easy to undo but also prevents it from coming completely undone (slipping through the dynaema buckle). We also added a second dynaema buckle which can be use for two things, one to make the leash smaller for a smaller waist, and secondly to attach a wing too. We also opted for a 4mm thick premium velcro as well as a 7mm thick/tough coiled leash.

This waist leash has a lot of detail to it and we are super pleased with the outcome. It performs exactly how we intended it to, a solid/comfortable performance product.

Available in two sizes: S/M 22″-36″, L/XL 34″-44″

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  1. Guy Bennett

    Great leash, perfect around the waist as it doesn’t get tangled around your feet when swapping stance. Comfy to wear, you don’t notice it is on and perfect length.

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