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Foil Board waist leash

Foil Board waist leash



Introducing the FBC Foil Board Waist Leash, the must-have accessory for every wing foiler seeking comfort and convenience. This leash is designed to allow you to securely attach your board leash to your waist, providing a hassle-free experience. It boasts a neoprene-padded belt, two dynaema buckles, and a robust 7mm coiled leash, delivering top-notch performance for riders.

While riding, you have the flexibility to use it as a board waist leash. Additionally, thanks to the FBC wing leash compatibility (with the FBC swivel carabiner), you can transform this belt into a versatile wing waist leash.

Choose from two sizes to ensure a perfect fit: S/M (22″-36″) and L/XL (34″-44″). Elevate your wing foiling experience with the FBC Foil Board Waist Leash, offering both comfort and versatility for every rider.

Key Features

Durable Waist Belt
We made sure that the waist belt was both comfy and durable. 4mm premium Neoprene is used as standard on all leashes making them comfortable to wear and strong.
The Waist belt is a proper swim army of leashes. It has a large do/undo loop that does not go through the dynaema buckle (meaning you can step right into it without any hassle). It also has an additional dynaema loop on the hip which allows for smaller waists (use it as a buckle) or you can connect you wing to.
Coiled Leash
A 7mm thick, 8ft long coiled leash with a swivel attached to both ends is secure, strong and practical. It is the perfect length to stop is from getting caught under your feet, or drag in the water.
Size range
With two dynaema buckles the FBC board waist leash has a huge size adjustment range. The small for example can go down to a 22” waist!
Dynaema Buckle
Unlike other brands we do not use a plastic buckle. These do fail over time. The FBC Board Waist leash utilises a dynaema buckle protected by a urethane cover. This is the strongest, most comfortable, buckle you can have.


Size Guide

Webbing Thickness50mm50mm
Waist Sizes22″-36″/56cm-91cm34″-44″/86cm-111cm
Buckle TypeDynaemaDynaema
Leash Length8ft (7mm thick)8ft (7mm thick)

Foil Board waist leash TECH FEATURES

Two sizes available. S/M = 22" - 36" Waist, L/XL = 34" - 44" Waist.

FBC Board Waist Leash

4mm neoprene padded belt.

FBC Board Waist Leash

Dynaema buckle that is both robust and strong.

FBC Dynaema Buckle

Large velcro fastening system, huge size range and adjustment.

Large loop on end of belt fastener allowing for easy doing/undoing of the belt. Also prevents the belt from becoming undone completely.

Secondary dynaema buckle for smaller riders OR a wing leash attachment point.

Twin swivel 7mm thick, 8 foot long, coiled leash. Super tough and durable.


At the Foil Board Company we are determined to make products that not only work but excel. Being passionate watersports people we only want to use the best products ourselves and this is our motivation to make sure that our leashes are the best they possibly can be.

Every leash is designed from the ground up. We look at every detail and specifically design features that we believe will benefit the riders experience and shredability.

We have developed our own technology such as the anti-snatch feature, the Dynaema Defender treatment and the double attachment safety loop. Everything that we have pioneered has been meticulously developed and tested to ensure longevity and performance.

FBC is about being a rider, it is about being in the water and pushing personal limits. We aim to make products that will allow you to reach your goals and we want to share the stoke with you along the way. Our products will enable you to get to where you’re going, and do so in a safe and competent manner.


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  1. GB

    Great leash, perfect around the waist as it doesn’t get tangled around your feet when swapping stance. Comfy to wear, you don’t notice it is on and perfect length.